The Straw That Broke The Camels Back



Throughout our lives we encounter situations or people who really challenge our mental and emotional fortitude. These situations can take the form of anything from depression, goals, school to new careers. The people can range from old friends, lovers, parents or neighbors.

In the midst of it all, right when we’re in the thick of it, we usually give it all we have. This person or thing means so much to us that we will stop at nothing to make the outcome a positive one.

We wake up long before our bodies are ready to so that we can get to the gym to have “that” body. We work long grueling hours to pay the mortgage on our oversized, but “isn’t it fantastic” home. We accept apology after apology from our ever disappointing lover. We overlook red flags, and try to just power through it all thinking it’s just a means to an end.

What happens then, when we realize that this thing we are striving for is taking away our true happiness? When this person or situation becomes an obsession of sorts and it no longer serves us in a positive manner. The mere thought of it sends waves of anxiety through our bodies and we feel defeated before we even get off our stool and back in the ring for round 9,362.

It’s at this point that we must ask ourselves how important is this outcome to us? Is it worth our utmost attention everyday? Is it worth sleepless nights and consumed minds? Is it worth tears falling from our eyes more than smiles spreading across our faces? How do we even know that if, and when we get to that destination that it will be exactly how we imagined it? We don’t!

A very wise person once said that “Its about the journey not the destination”. What if this journey really bites? If our projected goal is making our present lives miserable in order to obtain it, it would seem that in the sense of time we are robbing Peter to pay a Paul we might never meet.

When do we know that giving up is not weakness but the wisdom to realize that our happiness now is more important than a happiness we don’t even know, and the strength to stop fighting for a situation that may never come?

4 thoughts on “The Straw That Broke The Camels Back

  1. You’re an amazing person and a talented writer. I look forward to reading more from u. I’m sure everyone can relate to this from at least one time in their life. I know I can!


  2. Sobering, realistic, and to to the point. I agree completely that it is about the journey and if we’re truly lucky while on that journey we come across someone like you. You are an amazing writer and an amazing person. When reading your writings I hang on every word


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