Please Pardon My Appearance While Under Construction


Do you ever wonder when you are going to be enough? Enough as in the complete, finished and perfect you. When your body is going to be at its peak performance and optimal physical appearance. Your bank account has multiple zeros in it preceded by a few other digits (without a negative sign before it!). Your house is in order, swept, polished and clean. The bills aren’t past due and the car is paid off. Do you envision a time when you’re caught up with everything at work, your looking good and feeling even better?

We often tell ourselves that by next month I’ll have all my ducks in order. As soon as summer hits my beach body will be living proof of all my hard work at the gym. Once I get that raise I will be caught up with all my debts. I’ll be at my best when I find the perfect partner. I’ll be happier when I’ve reached all of my goals.

Well if you do then I have some news for you. You will never be perfect! All the stars will not align in such a manner that your entire life list of personal and professional accomplishments will be reached in absolute harmony.

A little pessimistic you say? How about realistic! This is not a negative thing people. What it means is that we are always growing. We are always learning. Our needs change, as do our perspectives and ambitions. If they didn’t we would still be little kids in the school yard running around with the hopes that we would grow up to be fairies and superheroes.

As human beings we are constantly under construction. Sometimes we have setbacks that force us to have to start from scratch in one area of our life or another. We have epiphanies that make us reevaluate our lives. We even meet new people, some so special that they have the ability to change our view of the world as we have always seen it. These are the things that make living so interesting, so amazing and so exciting.

We graduate high school with what we think is an idea of where we are headed. We either go to college to study a specific field, decide to take a break and find our passion while traveling abroad, or maybe we work in the family business. Then some years go by and we realize that we just don’t feel fulfilled. We decide that we need to make a change so we go back to school to learn a new trade, we convert to a new religion because the one we were raised with doesn’t seem to make sense anymore, or we marry and start a family realizing that being a stay at home mom is way more gratifying than sitting in a cubicle working for an ungrateful boss while being underpaid.

Life is ever changing and with that knowledge we need to accept that we are never going to be perfectly finished, just that there is always room for improvement. So take the pressure off yourself and realize that what you once thought you needed to achieve to be happy and feel complete has changed or most likely will change. Embrace the fact that who you are right now is just a person under construction and the project doesn’t have a completion date.

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