On  E

This piece is for all of you “givers” out there; and I suppose all of you “takers” might try sneaking a peek as well. (maybe then you’ll stop siphoning the gas out of the “givers” tanks and leaving them on empty)
It’s not just mothers who give all they have and leave themselves exhausted, broke, discombobulated and depleted of all life. We all can, have, or will succumb to some form of self deprivation in the interest of another person at one time in our lives. Yes it’s true, while doing this you are exemplifying your selflessness and care to this other being, but you must also be conscious of when to draw the proverbial line. 

During the “in the event of an emergency ” briefing when you’re sitting on a plane waiting for departure you will always hear the flight attendants instruct you to place the oxygen mask over your own face first before assisting others in doing so. There’s a simple science behind this and also a metaphor too. (Before you can attempt to save someone else, you yourself must be breathing) It’s common sense that’s not so common when applied in our daily lives.

If you are not at your optimum self how can you care for another being. In order to do the very best for others you have to know what’s best for you too and make sure you give that to yourself without any feelings of guilt or doubt. 

Self love and maintenance are just as important as caring for another yet so many of us often overlook this truth, feeling selfish if we don’t. 

Follow your heart, help others, volunteer, lift someone’s spirits, lend a hand. Do what makes you feel good inside but don’t forget that you are human too. Always place high priority on yourself, then help everyone else with their masks! 

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