Racist? I Think Not

Why I Am Not a Racist or a Bad Person Despite The Fact That You May Think Otherwise

This post comes on the heels of some very charged up conversations that I have had with people as well as witnessed others have with one another.

Just because I don’t follow suit and join in the fight against the police department does not make me racist or bad. I happen to believe that police officers do more good than bad. 

•They save battered woman of all races from abusive husbands 

•They save abused children of all races from horrific parents

•They apprehend very dangerous people from all races who will hurt you and me both if given the opportunity 

•They protect communities of all races from predators of all races 

•They retrieve guns off of the street that are in the hands of the real “bad” people of all races 

•They perform wellness checks on elders and loved ones of all races 

•They recover stolen property and return it to the rightful owners of all races 

•They save countless lives of overdosing drug abusers of all races 

•They are the first responders to emergency calls from all races 

•They provide life saving techniques to those in need of all races 

•They get drugs off of the street and out of the hands of children of all races 

•They deal with the people of all races that we are scared and ill equipped to deal with multiple times a day

•They maintain law and order in our communities for the safety of its civilians of all races. 

They do each and every one of these heroic things while quite often putting their own lives in danger to make your life safer.

So no, I will not join your fight in this movement of defunding the police and no, I will absolutely not subscribe to your theory that All Cops Are Bad. 

This does not make me a racist or a bad person. It makes me a realist and a reasonable person with the ability to see the whole picture, not just the one that is forced upon me by your views and those views of the people with an agenda. If I didn’t educate myself as well as use my own real life experiences as opposed to the cherry picked events framed and highlighted by those with an ulterior motive then that would make me not only bad but dangerous.

To put this in perspective consider this, “on a national level, 120 negative police videos hit the airwaves in a year and we balance it against 900 million police contacts per year, the percentage of negativity is .000013 percent.”* 

If your argument is that the 000013% negativity is towards people of color only, then your argument is wrong. 

Below are the statistics provided by statista. If you don’t trust just one source, as I urge you not to, then please do your research and compile many sources and average them out. Your findings will be the same, if not extremely close. 

It’s important to keep in mind that what you hear on social media is hysteria trickled over from mainstream media. What you hear on mainstream media is from those that hold the power of the media in their hands to do with it what they will in order to serve them and their interests. Know that, if nothing else. 

Remember the words of Communist Socialist Vladimir Lenin “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”  

Partaking or not partaking in peaceful protests on racial matters does not make you a racist or otherwise. However, fighting for something verbally or physically without all of the pertinent information regarding your cause does make  you ignorant. Ignorance is dangerous. 

“Defunding” the police is an uneducated and ignorant suggestion based on sensationalized situations and false statistics which could lead to an even more uncivilized society and anarchy. The appropriate and more intelligent approach or word(s) to be used, which are not being used, is restructuring and retraining. These two words have a more proactively positive connotation that invokes hope of progress not regression. 

With the subject of police matters aside I think it’s important to talk about how if you are a white human being and are not standing with others chanting that “black lives matter”, “defund the police”, screaming “ACAB”, or not putting a sign on your lawn of the like then you must be a racist and/or a bad person. 

Wrong again my friend!

When I look at my life and all the aspects of it I can never, not once, think of a moment where I treated any human being of any ethnicity differently than I would if they were white. 

I have come across all walks of life, and can say with strong conviction that every race has its rapists, scholars, murderers, psychopaths, holy men/women, abusers, peacemakers, racists, etc. The human condition has no color folks. It does not discriminate. There is no perfect race and there never will be. There is also no perfect organization either. There is bad and good in everything and everyone. 

With that said it is my strong belief that everyone deserves respect until they prove otherwise. I will not give you respect or disrespect you based on the color of your skin. I will not give you fair or unfair treatment based on your heritage. I will not think of you as less than or more than, for that matter, because I am told I should based on your complexion. You will not receive my high praises or my negative opinion because you are not the same color as me. 

Special treatment, negative or positive, based on the color of your skin is in my opinion the most basic form of racism there is. Any time color sways how you treat a person in any way you are now doing the exact opposite of what you think you are fighting against. If you are conceding to bad behavior and accepting less than acceptable treatment, standards and/or behavior from someone because you feel as though you will be labeled a “racist” if you point out the wrong doing then guess what, you are a racist. Giving undeserved treatment to an individual based on their color is racist. 

Merriam Webster’s definition of racism is this:

a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race

With that definition in place I am absolutely comfortable and confident in how I handle myself, my words, feelings and beliefs. I am confident in my moral compass knowing that if I see you as a friend or a foe I will treat you as such despite what the popular opinion strongly suggests that I do because you look different than me. Your actions will determine how I treat you, not your race. Your race should not afford you more leniency, or less leniency, more praise or less praise. Your race should not determine if you are eligible for a position that you are not qualified for or eliminate you for one that you are. 

To close this piece I think it’s important to note that my message here is that everyone is responsible for themselves. You do not have the right to forcibly push your beliefs on another human being and assume the worst of them if they don’t concur. 

Your actions or reactions shape who you are and how people will see you and treat you. As that should also shape the way you treat others. 

Educate yourself. Keep an open mind. Don’t listen to one side. Hear all sides and then verify. 

You’re racist when color gets in the way of your decisions. You’re racist when you believe a black man isn’t capable of success unless you as a white man are there to hold him up. You are not superior but your “fight” for equality makes you believe that you are. The real enemy isn’t the police, or your perceived notions of racism. The real enemy is your ignorance in thinking that another race needs a white man or woman to rise them up.

S. Brown

*Ken Crane/azcentral 9/12/2016

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